‘Call Of Duty: WWII’ Reveals Nazi Zombies In A Comic-Con 2017 Trailer

With every Call of Duty game, there will be a second game, where you kill zombies. And, now that we’re back to World War II in the upcoming Call of Duty WWII, the Nazi Zombies are back. Boy howdy are they ever back, and that leaked trailer we saw was just a taste.

Sledgehammer knows horror. While it’s best known for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the studio’s founders got their start on EA’s survival horror franchise Dead Space, so they know all about what it takes to make stuff gross and scary. In fact, they claim this co-op mode will feel a lot like EA’s much missed tales of Isaac Clarke. That seems to be in full effect in this trailer, which admittedly is not exactly breaking that much new ground. You’ve got your insane Nazi “doctor”(played by horror legend Udo Kier), your zombies, your small town straight out of an old horror movie, we’ve seen this.

It’s really a question of atmosphere, and that’s something this trailer has in spades. The zombies are suitably gross, the monsters are suitably monstrous, and the shadows are inky and creepy. We’ll see if it’s got more than just atmosphere when it arrives November 3rd.

(Via Activision)