Check Out All The New ‘Mario Kart 8’ Tracks Coming In The New ‘Animal Crossing’ Themed DLC

The new Animal Crossing-themed DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 arrives April 23, and rather than being coy, Nintendo has unloaded footage of all the new tracks you’ll get with the package at once. Four of them will be remakes, and four will be all new. Above, you can see the Animal Crossing track, which will feature passing seasons that affect the layout of the course.

Other completely original tracks include the F-Zero themed Big Blue…

The very pretty Wild Woods…

… and neon-coated Super Bell Subway.

Remade tracks include Ribbon Road and Cheese Land from the GBA, Koopa City from the 3DS and fan-favorite Baby Park from the Gamecube.

Which are your favorites? I’d say Wild Woods looks particularly impressive, and I’m glad to see the deceptive simplicity of Baby Park return.

via GoNintendo