Check Out This Terrifying First-Person ‘GTA V’ Driving And Hatchet Rampage Footage

The current-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V hits shelves tomorrow, so that means a ton of new GTA V footage is starting to hit the Internet. The polished trailers Rockstar have been releasing have been good, but this footage provides a clearer look at how the game will actually look and play on your PS4 or Xbox One.

First up, we have somebody driving around town in first-person mode (which is kind of terrifying) and chopping people in the ass with the new current-gen exclusive hatchet weapon…

More scary first-person driving footage.

Finally, here’s the game’s intro and first mission

So, who’s upgrading tomorrow? Anybody who skipped the Xbox 360/PS3 version thinking of taking the plunge now?

via VG 24/7 here & here, CVG