Check Out What The Best Entrance In Wrestling Looks Like In ‘WWE 2K15’

Wrestling games like to boast about how true they are to their source material, but they often miss the mark when it comes to relatively simple stuff like wrestler entrances. Sure, it’s easy enough to get a Randy Orton or John Cena right, but when it comes to more elaborate entrances, wrestling games have traditionally fallen short of perfection.

Well, there’s nobody in WWE with a more elaborate, unique entrance than Bray Wyatt, so if WWE 2K15 can nail this, you know they’re pretty much nailing everything…

Not bad. Doesn’t quite have the atmosphere of the real thing, but hey, they went through the trouble of giving Bray his rocking chair, which I wasn’t expecting. Now all they have to do is create an algorithm that generates random, creepy-sounding nonsense promos for him to recite before every match.

While we’re at it, here’s a new Making of WWE 2K15 video, featuring a lot of new gameplay footage…

Hmmm, somewhat odd that none of these making of videos interview anybody from Yuke’s, the Japanese company that’s been making WWE’s games for the past 15-years. Maybe they opted out when Vince McMahon insisted on conical hats and Godzilla music for all the interviewees.