Chrissy Teigen Has Some Poignant Thoughts On Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing’ Mobile Game

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Chrissy Teigen is known as an ultra-popular model and tastemaker as well as the better half of John Legend, but it’s her keen insights on social media that can turn even the most jaded gamer or nerd into a Teigen fan. The best example of her surprisingly poignant takes on pop culture came Thanksgiving weekend as she was diving into Nintendo’s latest and greatest mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The game promises calm, charming, fun. But instead, it’s a never-ending hustle to serve your bug-eyed animal overlords.

Not surprisingly, considering the popularity of Teigen or Nintendo’s latest smash-hit, these tweets resonated with people. Pocket Camp is a mobile game, so it’s a grind formulated to make you spend real cash. That doesn’t mean it isn’t relaxing or cute or packed full of neat furniture to collect, but there’s definitely an undercurrent of nefarious money-grabbing systems in your pleasant little town. But then, Tom Nook, the (possibly) Ayn Rand thumping shop owner has always had a late-stage capitalism streak running through him, the trash panda.

In other words, Teigen is pretty spot-on here, encapsulating what some gaming journalists have spent thousands of words articulating in a few tweets. The animals are invasive, they ask for too much for little in return, and make too much small talk for someone as busy as the player, running errands. Good for her. Doesn’t change the fact she dropped cash, though (so did this author).

Fans agree. Wholeheartedly.

Hopefully one day soon, the Switch will get an Animal Crossing proper. Until then, Pocket Camp will do. And we’ll all keep playing with Chrissy Teigen.