Listen To Sean Bean Describe How ‘Civilization VI’ Works In Over 10 Minutes Of Revealing Footage

So hey, there’s a new Civilization game coming out! Obviously Civ fanatics the world over are hyped for Civilization VI, but some may be wondering what sets this entry in the series apart. Early trailers and footage have looked fairly by-the-book, and the game’s developers have said they’re not making any radical changes, but with Civ it’s always been all about the little tactical differences. A minor twist to a single mechanic can change how games play out in a big way.

Well, Firaxis has released a new 12-minute video that really delves into everything you can expect from a typical game of Civilization VI. Things start out fairly traditionally, but before long hardcore Civ fans will start to notice quite a few differences. You now have to create traders to share resources between cities, and said cities can expand far beyond a single title, sprawling out into multiple specialized districts. It looks like diplomacy and cultural policies have received significant tweaks as well. The video is definitely worth a watch for Civ fans, particularly since the whole thing is narrated by Sean Bean and his velvety pipes. Surprisingly enough, Sean Bean’s civilization doesn’t even end up dying at the end!

Civilization VI arrives to conquer your free time October 21.