New ‘Civilization VI’ Videos Reveal More Changes Coming To The Classic Series

At first glance, Civilization VI doesn’t appear to do much with the series’ tried-and-true formula, but once you dig down a bit, you discover there are some pretty major changes in store. Recently we showed you a video that explained how Civilization VI‘s new sprawling cities and districts will work, and now we have a couple more clips that delve into other aspects of the game.

First up, a look at Civilization VI‘s builders. In the past, tile improvements (farms, mines and so on) were created by “workers,” who were often intolerably slow. It wasn’t uncommon to have to wait a dozen turns for your new quarry or windmill to be completed. That changes in Civilization VI. Workers have been replaced with “builders,” who create tile improvements instantly. Just pick what you want, and it immediately appears. The balance to this is that each builder can only produce a set number of improvements before they’re consumed. Anybody who’s been playing Civ for a while will recognize this as a major shakeup that could have some pretty serious strategic implications. Check out the builders in action, at the top of this post.

While we’re at it, we also have our first in-depth look at one of the game’s Civs – England, under Queen Victoria. It looks like developer Firaxis is making an effort to make each Civ as unique as possible this time around, as England has a special ability, two units and a city district exclusive to it.

This game looks more promising every time I see it. Civilization VI becomes your new obsession, October 21.