‘Call Of Duty: WWII’ Wants To Make Sure Their Nazi Zombies Horrify Players


Just in time for Halloween, a fresh new look at Call of Duty: WWII‘s Nazi Zombies mode is here. Much like every other facet of CoD: WWII, it seems like Sledgehammer Games and Activision are doing their best to ruin the nostalgia of gamers by making this current iteration of Call of Duty far and away the best. Step number one is turning Nazi Zombies into something more than a meat grinder, and with a story based somewhat in reality and an enemy that isn’t aimlessly wandering towards your machine gun, it seems like they’ve done it.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Sledgehammer’s Cameron Dayton and Jon Horsley walk players through the effort they’re putting into the scares in CoD: WWII‘s Nazi Zombies. These guys seem to be honed-in on how to scare people, which in itself is a bit scary.

“There are several layers of scary: The jump scare. There’s the fear of getting chased, the fear of it being ‘right behind me,’ and there’s the environmental fear. The fear of something that doesn’t belong. There are all sorts of degrees of horrifying environments but you start out in a fairly mundane, snowy little village in Bavaria. The fear of being chased through something familiar by something horrifying, that contrast is remarkably visceral.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Nazi Zombies ups the scares. Sledgehammer has kept the game remarkably under wraps with just a few trickles of information here and there. It’ll be interesting to see if this beloved mode will live up to the lofty expectations they’re setting for themselves. The hype combined with the secrecy is almost enough to make one want to boot Nazi Zombies before the campaign or multiplayer.