Conan O’Brien And A Bunch Of Other Weird Celebrity Characters Are In ‘LEGO Batman 3’

LEGO video games have always delivered tons of playable characters, and it seems developer TT Games has had to go to some, uh, odd places to find new characters for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. The game will feature some of the goofiest, most obscure DC Universe characters yet, like Condiment King, but that ain’t the half of it. Weirdly, celebrities that don’t necessarily have anything to do with Batman or the DC Universe are also being included.

Here’s a peek at some of LEGO Batman 3’s more eclectic characters…

Daffy Duck dressed up as Green Lantern for the sake of a cheap pun. Sure, why not?

Kevin Smith confirmed. This game no longer being suitable for children, also confirmed.

Yup, the game will also have the Arrow version of Green Arrow as voiced by Stephen Amell. In fact, you can download the whole cast.

They really ought to rename this series LEGO Every Random Warner Bros. Property We Can Think Of, but I guess that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like LEGO Batman.

Via Kotaku