The Makers Of ‘Adventure Time’ Are Turning Double Fine’s ‘Costume Quest’ Into A Cartoon

Most of the games made by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions are basically interactive cartoons, so it’s kind of surprising that none of the developer’s properties have been animated. Well, that changes now, as Frederator Studios, the folks behind Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat, are working on an animated version of Double Fine’s Costume Quest.

A few days ago, Frederator Studios teased a Costume Quest cartoon on their Facebook page

A couple days later, Greg Rice from Double Fine confirmed the news.

This isn’t the first time Double Fine and guys from Frederator Studios have worked together. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and Double Fine teamed up to create a wacky video game prototype called Little Pink Best Buds. The Costume Quest cartoon will be 11 minutes long, and it will be written by Zac Gorman of the rather excellent Magical Game Time webcomic. While only one cartoon is being made right now, it could very well spawn a full series, as most Frederator cartoons have started as a one-off pilot.

While we’re on the subject, what other Double Fine games would you like to see animated? I still hold out hope for a Psychonauts return of some kind, and I think The Cave might make a pretty solid series, as well.

(Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)