Terry Crews Goes Superheroic In The First Trailer For ‘Crackdown 3’

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Terry Crews is the closest we have to a real-life superhero. So it makes sense that for the long-awaited sequel to the superhero game Crackdown, he’s the one hyping you up to throw some cars, blow up some criminals, and collect those sweet, sweet orbs.

Crews isn’t just here for the laughs; he’s playing your commander in the game, which arguably is a perfect role. If you’re unfamiliar, the Crackdown series follows a rookie police officer in a world where you can obtain superpowers. Needless to say, the police and the criminals engage in a superhuman arms race, and there are also ludicrous guns beyond Crews’ physique that let you explode pretty much everything. Ideally, you should limit the property damage and loss of innocent bystanders. But hey, stuff happens. Nobody will complain too much, right?

Joking aside, the series is beloved for its over-the-top action and humor, and the presence of Crews promises that tone will be back. Besides, without the Saints Row franchise appearing, the “action-comedy” genre of video games has been feeling very sparse lately, especially with the legions of apocalyptic serious games on the way. We’ll be climbing towers and blowing things up sometime this year.

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