‘Dark Souls III’ Doles Out More Secrets And Nightmares In Its Latest Accursed Trailer

Dark Souls III is drawing dangerously close to being available, and Bandai Namco is here to whet your appetite for pain with an all-new trailer. The first part of the clip drops some hints about the Dark Souls III story, and I’ll admit, I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on. We do hear four separate voices delivering the narration, so perhaps we’ll be seeing a wider variety of characters this time around. The final moments of the video are all action, highlighting some of the game’s nightmarish creatures. Dudes wielding giant, flaming swords, hordes of skeletons, giant fuzzy crabs, a strange feathered dragon — a whole lot of very imaginative things are going to be killing you dead in this game.

Dark Souls III is actually already out in Japan, and a lot of footage is starting to flood the internet, so while we’re at it, here’s the first 14 minutes of the game courtesy of IGN. Obviously, this footage contains some spoilers, although they skip past most of the cutscenes…

Welp, looking great so far. That boss they fight is one of the craziest Dark Souls has ever done, and he shows up only 10 minutes into the game! Dark Souls III arrives on this side of the Pacific on April 12.

(via IGN)