A ‘Dark Souls III’ Glitch Makes Robes Unintentionally Revealing

Dark Souls III has been out to critics and streamers since last week; you can expect our review on April 12, when the game arrives. But suffice to say it builds on many, many aspects of the beloved series and especially on the idea of gestures, of which there are more than ever to collect and use. Unfortunately, a glitch in the game means that a few of these can go hilariously wrong if you happen to be wearing the right clothes.

It turns out that, if you’re wearing a robe and use a gesture that involves kneeling or bending over while a player is behind you, the robe clips through your character, and you wind up revealing the kind of moon not even a Hunter from Bloodborne wants to see. Needless to say, game critics being classy and refined people, photos of the glitch are everywhere, because nothing is funnier than a video game character looking like he’s about to drop off some of the Unkindled at the Ash Lake.

Sadly, most gamers will likely never be able to drop a lunar eclipse on their friends, as From Software is likely at work patching this as we speak. Still, we feel that mooning your fellow players is territory that more video games should explore in detail. If nothing else, we’d rather get mooned than watch more infamous acts of video game gloating.

(Via Kotaku)