The ‘Dark Souls III’ Opening Cinematic Introduces Some Of The Bosses That Will Destroy You

The third, and final, entry in the Dark Souls series arrives in just a couple short months, and to prepare you for another plunge into the darkness, Bandai-Namco have released the game’s full opening cinematic. If you want to go into Dark Souls III completely fresh, you may want to avoid watching this video, but come on, the first four minutes of a game don’t really qualify as a “spoiler.” Be brave and hit that play button.

As with all things Dark Souls, this cinematic is rather mysterious, but some interesting information can be parsed from it. First off, Dark Souls III will take place in a new land called Lothric, that apparently exists between places we’ve explored in past Dark Souls games. It certainly looks like an inhospitable place. We also get a look at some of the game’s new gnarly bosses. I particularly like Aldrich, Saint of the Deep, who appears to just be a big pile of rotting seaweed and sludge. Yhorm the Giant also looks pretty intimidating – I’m bad enough at beating regular-sized Dark Souls bosses.

Dark Souls III arrives to crush your pathetic spirit on April 12.

via Destructoid