‘Day Of The Tentacle’ Will Deliver A Remaster March 22

For an all-too-brief stretch of time, adventure games were the top genre in PC gaming, and nobody did it better than the sadly deceased LucasArts. Day of the Tentacle, a followup to Maniac Mansion, was one of them, but sadly it’s been nearly impossible to play of late. Thankfully, that’s changing, and sooner than we thought.

Day of the Tentacle is basically Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure filtered through LucasArts’ wacky lens. A nerd, a metalhead, and a weirdo accidentally travel through time and have to prevent a tentacle from taking over the world. The gameplay centers around changes to the timeline; for example, if you need to send a hamster to somebody in the future, you can stuff it in a freezer for them. You can also jump between timelines at any point, meaning if you get stuck in one timeline, you can just hop to the other and try to figure out why George Washington is so blasé about a fat guy in a Motorhead shirt wandering around and rubbing everything he owns on the scenery.

Double Fine and have announced that a remaster of Day of the Tentacle is on the way, although the preorder fun is limited to PC gamers this time, who get 10% off their preorder and some wallpapers. PS4 and Vita users will just have to settle for enjoying one of the best adventure games of the era with improved graphics and controls. Oh, and also there will be developer commentary and the original Maniac Mansion to boot. All we need is that Full Throttle remaster and we’ll have every great adventure game from the era.