‘Dead Rising’ Is A Murder Carnival In Its Honest Trailer

The Dead Rising franchise is excellent at what it does, and what it does is goofy zombie slaughter. This is a video game where you can turn fireworks and plumbing into a zombie-exploding gatling, after all. But, of course, it has its quirks, which is what Honest Trailers calls out.

Mostly the Smosh team focuses on the game’s bizarre restrictions, although they’re a bit unkind about the time limit. You’ve just got to stay on task, guys, and you’ll get everything done. Really their best point is about the boss fights, which instantly turn the game from entertaining zombie slaughter to ridiculously hard melee boss fight. Then again, it’s also usually the game at its funniest/scariest, because let’s face it, zombies may rip your flesh, but a clown dual-wielding chainsaws is going to haunt your dreams.

All of this, of course, is to prepare us for the third coming of Frank West, who, after popping up in the first game, and a remake of the second game, will be returning in the fourth to Willamette, without the clock, to kill more zombies for Christmas this December. He’ll be ditching the time limit, though, so you can luxuriate in the full blood bath. Hey, it’s the holidays, treat yourself.