Watch The Latest Footage From ‘Death Stranding’ Featuring Mads Mikkelsen

The second teaser trailer for Death Stranding was released during The Game Awards on Thursday night, and the footage included should go a long way to continuing the excitement for Hideo Kojima’s first game since leaving Konami. Of course Kojima couldn’t even attend last year’s Game Awards as he was barred from going by his former employer, so that makes tonight even more special.

Not much is known about the game, other than that it stars Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus’ digitized butt, not to mention Guillermo del Toro on top of both of those exciting actors. Kojima tweeted about the honor of receiving the Industry Icon Award at The Game Awards, where the footage premiered, and included some incredibly cool looking character posters from the game.

Best known for Metal Gear, Kojima’s latest game might only be releasing vague details and footage but that hasn’t stopped gamers worldwide for flipping out over the prospect of what exactly this experience might entail. This latest extended clip doesn’t exactly load up on the story specifics or explain what anything means or how it is all connected, but it does feature Mads Mikkelsen as a demonic soldier-type person? So that alone should have people racing to the shelves to grab a copy of the game when it is finally released.