‘Destiny 2’ Is Officially On The Way

Bungie’s follow up to Halo, Destiny had great fundamentals but spent years trying to turn its core game into something more than a relentless grind. Now, after several years of loot caves, co-op missions, and DLC, it’s finally come to an end: Destiny 2 is officially on the way.

Activision is fairly quiet on both release date and any major gameplay changes, but that didn’t stop them from dropping this on Twitter today:

Word is, you’ll be able to transfer over your character to the next game, but items and abilities will be left behind, presumably to offer newbies a level playing field. Also left behind are the Xbox 360 and the PS3, as Destiny will only be playable on current-generation systems.

Like many critics, we were fairly hard on Destiny when it came out, in part because it made a lot of grandiose promises that it had trouble following up on. But the game found an audience, and a fan base that’s stuck around for the last few years, so it’ll be interesting to see what changes in the sequel and how Bungie might follow up on the ideas, which are still fascinating. And hopefully there will be justice for Peter Dinklage.

(via The Verge)