‘Destiny 2’ Gets An Explosive Live-Action Trailer From The Director Of ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Destiny was an excellent shooter that was overly fully of itself. Destiny 2, however, is an excellent shooter that doesn’t take itself remotely seriously. As evidenced by this live-action trailer, which is entirely about exploding the things you love before you go out and explode the things that exploded the things you love.

Most of this video, directed by Kong: Skull Island‘s Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is just things exploding, as we learn from Nathan Fillion’s dulcet tones voicing one of the game’s core heroes. Lattes. Condiments. Television. It’s all to set the tone for the game, which destroys everything about the first game and has you grab a gun and get revenge. Forward, fellow gamers! Our lattes shall not have died in vain! Although to be fair, it is realistic in one respect. If an alien race appears and blows up puppies, we’re going to give them a good old-fashioned Will Smithing.

Jokes aside, the trailer is actually a fun mix of superheroics, including a couple of nods to The Avengers and Aliens, all set to “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, and generally a good representation of how fun the game has seemed so far. Really, as far as prominent directors making video game trailers goes, it’s second only to John McTiernan’s cat video. Your move, Scorsese.

(via Activision)