This Guy’s Mechanical Arm Got Him Into Serious Trouble

Might be time to get your affairs in order. Why’s that? ‘Cause it looks like the world may be coming to a slow end. That is, if you believe anything you see in the trailer for the new video game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

In recently acquired security camera footage from the year 2027, this clip reveals a man’s arm going rogue on him — destroying about $20,000 worth of wine at a local liquor store. That’s a ton of perfectly bad Merlot gone to waste… also a troubling glimpse of what the world could be headed towards if/when machines take over.

With the anti-augmentation uprising in full swing, a dystopian future ruled by machines (that look way different than Arnold Schwarzenegger) may be coming. “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here,” the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer eerily states.

Game on.