Watch ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ Pull Out All The Tricks In This 25-Minute Gameplay Demo

My first response to watching this rather substantial chunk of gameplay from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is that somebody at Eidos played Dishonored and took notes. Not that I’m complaining, mind you; it’s just pretty clear where the inspiration for some of Adam Jensen’s new moves and abilities came from.

Beyond that, the tweaks from the original, superb game we see in this expansion of the trailer are mostly to the combat. Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t have a particular problem with the combat in Deus Ex: Human Revolution; I thought it was basic, but solid. Then again, I’m the kind of nerd who gets all giddy when he can try the stealth or diplomatic solution first in an action game, so if you’re not that kind of nerd, they’ve given the combat a real overhaul. It looks a lot more aggressive and that you now have just as many options for going in loud as you do for sneaking in, both of which have been expanded.

And how; the game seems to have a truly ridiculous number of options to build exactly the character you want. You can become invisible, wrap yourself in super armor, fire stun darts at multiple targets at once, or choose between what will likely be a wide variety of ammo types and reconfigure your gun on the fly for the situation.

There are a few questions still to be answered, like how the game gives you a smorgasbord of tools and yet will be remotely challenging by the end of it. I’m assuming big robots. A game with this many guns always throws a few big robots at you.

(Via VG 24/7)