Discover The Truth Behind The Hype With The ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Honest Trailer

You’ve probably heard about Five Nights At Freddy’s by this point. Reaction videos, word of mouth, and Halloween all helped to push interest in this game, enough that they’ve made an Honest Trailers video for it. It’s perfect too, so much that you might not ever need to play the game yourself.

The good thing is that you’re only out five bucks if you decide to play it and it’s put together well enough to justify a few plays. Take this Game Theory episode into consideration and you’ll see that the game is full of little hints, Easter eggs, tricks, and plot devices that make it more than just a silly horror game where you sit on your ass in a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant.

That or it’s a hack game that we’ve all bought into the hype created by a couple of YouTube stars. Funny video either way and very true. There hasn’t been a scary Resident Evil game in years.

(Via Smosh Games)