‘Doom’ And ‘Mario 64’ Had A Baby That You’re Definitely Going To Want To Play

Doom is, obviously, a great game, but does it always have to be so gloomy? Hell on Earth this, demons that – wouldn’t the game be more fun with some more upbeat music and maybe a few coins scattered around? Y’know, more of a Nintendo vibe?

Well, Doom: The Golden Souls is exactly that – it’s Doom, but with the attitude of Mario 64 and even some of its platformer mechanics. Here’s a description of the mod from its creators…

“This mod has got a lot of different gameplay styles: You may have to simply reach the golden soul in a level, while in another you’ll have to rush through an Athletic level, avoiding obstacles and such, you may have to help some NPCs in order to reach your goal, or even collect 8 red coins to get the Soul.”

Here’s a trailer for the the mod…

You can download Doom: The Golden Souls right here.

Via Kotaku