‘Doom’ Co-Creator John Romero Teases A New First-Person Shooter In A ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Video

Warning: The following post discusses some plot points from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It’s a good time to be a fan of old-school shooters. An all-new Doom game is arriving in only a few short weeks, and meanwhile, two of the creators of the original Doom are teasing a new project.

John Romero recently posted a teaser video inspired by the final moments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the video, Adrian Carmack wanders around a picturesque, rocky terrain, not unlike Rey at the end of The Force Awakens. Carmack eventually comes upon a hooded figure, who turns around, revealing himself to be the beautifully-coiffed John Romero. Instead of a lightsaber, Carmack hands Romero a keyboard and a mouse, implying whatever they’re teasing is probably some sort of old-school shooter.

This is backed up by the website the video points to, which simply states “A new first-person shooter is being built at Night Work Games in Galway, Ireland.”

John Romero and Adrian Carmack are two of the four co-founders of id Software and both worked on the original Doom, Romero as lead level designer and Carmack as lead artist. Romero left id Software in 1996, and Carmack left in 2005. Since his departure, Romero has had mixed success in the video game industry, designing the critically-derided Daikatana, as well as better-received games like Red Faction and Anachronox. Carmack has mostly focused on his art career since leaving.

The potential for this mystery game is all over the map. A new FPS from Romero and Carmack could be a fun throwback, an innovative step forward for the FPS genre, or it could be Daikatana 2. There’s really no guessing given the track records involved. Hopefully we’ll know a bit more on April 25, which is when Romero is promising to unveil his game.

What do you think? Interested to see what these two founders of the FPS genre are cooking up? Or has their time come and gone?

via Polygon