‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

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01.23.18 3 Comments

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After a quiet few weeks, we’re back to where it seems like there are more games for more platforms than ever before. So, we’re back to cut through the noise and help you pick out the five games worth your time and attention. And it all starts with a game based on one of the most popular animes ever.

Pick Of The Week: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Friday ($60, PS4, Xbox One and PC)

It’s pretty difficult to make a video game look exactly like an episode of the show it’s based on, and all credit to the team at Arc System Works as they’ve pulled it off. The game presumably has a plot of some form, just like the anime, but really this is an excuse for one of the most obsessed fanbases in the world to finally settle a few grudges and to have some fun time on the couch. Although that there isn’t one super-special perfect edition that costs $9000.1 seems like a missed opportunity.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones, Today ($10, PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

Picking up four years after the plot of the original tourism simulator ended, those pesky Romans are back to make trouble. Guess we’ll go stab them, and earn some new clothes while doing it, although really, nothing tops the humiliation of some Egyptian royal discovering he got murdered by a dude in a towel.

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