‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ And The Best Trailers From E3 2017

With E3’s conferences from EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo behind us, it’s time to reflect. E3 always delivers dozens of trailers straight to the gaping mouths of gamers across the world, but only once every few years do we get a show that ushers in a new era of gaming. 2017 was one of those years.

From the full-on embrace of VR, to home consoles finally delivering an awe-inspiring visual fidelity through new hardware, E3 showed that gaming is in a great place. Of course, we saw the blockbusters with tens of millions of dollars behind them, but we also saw an industry that’s embracing every facet of gaming. Platformers feel more relevant than ever, a decade after Xbox Live Arcade proved smaller, indie games could make an impact.

So now, in no particular order, we have meticulously gathered every trailer worth your time from E3 2017. The next few years are going to be so damn good. We’ll try to refrain from not mentioning the lack of Last of Us 2.