Tony Romo Got Torched By EA Sports Over Jerry Jones’ Super Bowl Comment

01.18.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

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Jerry Jones clearly feels bad for Tony Romo this year. Jones thinks the world of the guy, but he actually managed to stick with Dak Prescott as he enjoyed one of the best rookie seasons ever for a QB. After claiming Romo could have done what Aaron Rodgers did to the Cowboys on Sunday, the owner of America’s Team made an odd prediction for his former starting quarterback.

“I really believe that Tony Romo will play in a Super Bowl,” Jones said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan. “Now try that one on. I know that if he’s healthy enough, he’ll be in a Super Bowl. I strongly believe that.”

So, does he mean that he’ll pull Dak Prescott for his backup if the Cowboys make the Super Bowl next season, or is he predicting Super Bowl success for whichever team takes Romo in the offseason? Either way, it seems far-fetched, and the Twitter account for the Madden videogames came out of nowhere to dunk on him for it:

Oh, the humanity! Where did that spice come from, EA Sports? All right, to be fair it’s a pretty tame burn, one that wouldn’t move the needle if it just came from Steve The Egg, but from an official account that even gives the Cowboys likeness revenue? Pretty savage.

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