CM Punk Will Finally Make His UFC Debut… In The ‘EA UFC 2’ Video Game

CM Punk UFC AJ Lee
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Has it really only been a year since the UFC announced the signing of WWE superstar CM Punk? It feels like forever. To put it in perspective, EA UFC was released in June of 2014 and EA UFC 2 is already getting plenty of hype for a new release in the coming months. That’s a short turnaround in gaming years. Now, the hype for EA UFC 2 is even greater, because it’s the venue in which CM Punk will finally make his UFC debut.

Yes, you will soon be able to let CM Punk take his time and work his way into the UFC roster with a tune-up fight between him and Anderson Silva, then Chris Weidman, and if he gets a win — Luke Rockhold it is. Yes, this is finally happening, and seeing CM Punk in a non-THQ or WWE 2K product will be interesting indeed.

EA UFC 2 is starting to gain some steam since alpha gameplay has been felt and a hefty roster of 250+ fighters has been revealed, and this title had a lot of potential when it was released in 2014. EA UFC was created by the team that made the well-regarded Fight Night series, the stand up (or punch/kick portion if you want to get technical) of their debut was phenomenal, but the ground game and bare bones game modes brought it down a few notches.

Still, EA UFC showed off the highly-detailed next gen graphics the Playstation 4 and Xbox One were capable of, but lacked in areas perfected on the previous consoles years prior. Now that EA UFC 2 has Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor on the cover with CM Punk (but no Brock Lesnar) appealing in a crossover sort of way to wrestling fans, this release could be embraced by a large amount of fighting game fans who are looking for something different on their consoles.

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