This ‘Fallout 4’ Mod Lets You Pew Pew Like You’ve Never Pew’d Before

The hype was real. Fallout 4 earned a record-setting amount of cash on its launch, and like a typical Todd Howard game, Fallout 4 has made every end of year ‘best of’ list worth mentioning. Your grandpa is playing Fallout 4. So is your little sister and probably your boss, too. It’s one of those games that transcends because you can truly tailor the game experience to your preferred play style.

There’s someone out there in Boston playing a drug addict who has the largest collection of Teddy Bears and rat heads anyone in Diamond City has ever seen, and they can do it in their own corner of the world (a small, tin shelter located at the end of a post-apocalyptic cul-de-sac).

You know what? That’s fine. You can be you, in the wasteland. And most importantly, the pew pew in Fallout 4 is more fun than ever.

So, it’s not like Fallout needs much to make it a perfect game. It’s close. It can use some help with the typical bugs, and the arbitrary limits placed on some of the construction, but we’re almost there. The only glaring omission from Fallout 4‘s features was realistic gun noises, something that really puts you into the game.

Modder KnightHasen brings you the pew pew with the Pew Lasers mod. He pew pews it up, so you can have more pew pew in your pew. This pew is better than any other pew, and you have to look no further than the laser Gatling gun going pew x1000000 to believe it.

You can download the mod on PC here.