Apparently, There’s Leaked ‘Fallout 4’ Footage… On Pornhub?

When footage of a highly anticipated offering — be it movies, television, video games or, I dunno, artisanal cheeses? — hits the floor of a convention, more often than not, it ends up leaked online. If you’re a company like Disney/Lucasfilm, you pretty much accept this is going to happen and just release the footage/trailer publicly. If you’re Warner Bros., you can complain about the leaks in a press release, attempt to crack down on them, and then just release the footage/trailer publicly. Or, you could be like Bethesda and crack down on leaked footage until pirates have to resort to posting it on porn sites.

Wait. What?

This past week, Bethesda showcased some exclusive Fallout 4 footage behind closed doors at Gamescom. You would think that, unlike projecting it onto a large screen in front of an auditorium full of people, showing it in a small room would prevent unauthorized recording. You would be wrong. The footage — and it’s terribly recorded footage, too, so it’s no small wonder that Bethesda wants it squashed like a Goomba (video-game reference, you guys) — has been removed from sites all across the interwebs, as well as off torrents and other file sharing services. So, fans have taken to uploading it to sites like Pornhub in order to show it. (Do we have to warn you about opening a link to a porn site while at work? Because that’s what this is.)

It’s probably only a matter of time before Bethesda releases the footage for realsies, considering the game is coming out in a few months. In the meantime… you know what? Maybe you should just wait in the meantime.