‘Far Cry 5’ Lets You Team Up With A Bear Named ‘Cheeseburger’ To Fight Cultists


The Far Cry series is really as much about getting eaten by, or feeding enemies to, animals as it is about sneakily murdering cultists and taking their bases. Far Cry 5 is upping the ante a bit with Boomer, the gun-fetching dog, but Boomer has a rival for gamer hearts: A formerly diabetic bear named Cheeseburger.

PlayStation Lifestyle lays out a quest that lets you rescue a bear in the rural Hope County, which has been overrun by a bunch of heavily armed cultists. Being jerks, the cultists have been training captive wolves to hunt and kill people, so once you clean out the local wildlife reserve, you learn about Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger is so named for his affection for fast food, which made him sick enough he had to be isolated in Hope County. Once you catch some salmon, and find Cheeseburger, you can make him your sidekick and go on adventures. Sadly it does not seem like you can ride Cheeseburger into battle. Patch that in, guys.

Joking aside, it is a nice touch the game explores a genuine ecological problem, namely that as bears get closer to humans, they start eating our terrible food. Maybe we can see Cheeseburger stealing a dumpster?