Get Ready To Hunt Mammoths And Saber-Toothed Tigers In The Prehistoric ‘Far Cry Primal’

Give Ubisoft credit, some of their franchises may be a bit stuck in a rut, but they’re certainly willing to experiment with their Far Cry games. Through the series, we’ve visited tropical islands, the ’80s and the Himalayas, and now, in the newly announced Far Cry Primal, we’re going back to prehistoric times.

Far Cry Primal is set around 10,000 BC, and you play as Takkar, the last survivor of a doomed hunting group. Eventually, you form up with a new tribe, which will have to learn and adapt in order to survive. Basically, you’ll follow humanity as they go from cavemen, to a slightly more civilized bunch.

Surprisingly, Far Cry Primal is coming out in a little under four months on February 23, 2016. Despite the short notice, this will apparently be a full retail Far Cry experience, and not a quickie download title.

While we’re at it, here’s a Far Cry Primal behind-the-scene featurette and some images…

What are your thoughts on Far Cry Primal? If Ubisoft really gets into the realities of what surviving as a caveman would have been like, I’m pretty excited. If it’s just a shallow mammoth-spearing sim, well, let’s be honest, that would still be pretty damn cool.

via Destructoid