The Fangs And Fur Fly In The Latest Trailer For The Prehistoric ‘Far Cry Primal’

As we reported a couple months back, the next entry in the Far Cry series will be trading in guns and modern-day conveniences for a prehistoric caveman setting. Last night at the The Game Awards 2015, Ubisoft unveiled a new Far Cry Primal trailer, which focuses on the game’s menagerie of very furry, very vicious stone age animals. You can watch giant wolves, bears and saber-toothed tigers tear sh*t up above.

Want even more carnage? Ubisoft has also released a lengthy, nine-minute gameplay walkthrough of Far Cry Primal. The video explores your ability to tame various predators for use as hunting partners, and also gets into the tribal warfare aspect of the game a bit.

Far Cry Primal certainly looks impressively lush, and it’s hard to argue with a game that lets you sic saber-toothed tigers on your enemies. That said, I’m afraid some of Far Cry‘s unique personality and sense of humor may be lost in a game where most of the characters have barely mastered language. What do you folks think? Excited for Far Cry Primal, or is it a step back for the series?

Far Cry Primal arrives on PC, Xbox One and PS4 February 23, 2016.