The Latest ‘Far Cry Primal’ Trailer Introduces The Game’s Badass Beastmaster Main Character

Most of the trailers and previews thus far for Far Cry Primal have focused on the game’s prehistoric world and fuzzy animal inhabitants rather than its story, but this latest trailer changes that. Well, sort of. Far Cry Primal‘s story still isn’t particularly clear, but this trailer introduces us to the game’s protagonist, Takkar, as well as a few other characters like the fearsome Ull, the mystical matriarch Batari, and the shell shocked Sayla. Things definitely look pretty rough during the stone age — not every video game trailer begins with the main character drinking a gloopy bowl of blood and eyeballs. That’s probably a good thing.

While we’re at it, Ubisoft has also released a new behind the scenes video that further details the game’s characters and story, as well as the various primitive languages you’ll hear in the game…

I’m a sucker for any game with a good base-building mechanic, so I definitely like that the game focuses on repairing and growing your village. I’m also impressed by all the effort they sunk into creating their proto-Indo-European languages. You definitely can’t accuse Ubisoft of not doing their homework. The mammoth-spearing Far Cry Primal fun starts February 23.

(via Destructoid)