This Is Easily The Most Impressive ‘FIFA’ Non-Goal In The History Of Digital Sports

We all have a story of an epic digital sports failure. Maybe it’s losing a multi-touchdown lead and blowing the Super Bowl in Madden (or real life for that matter), or missing 5 consecutive three pointers in NBA 2K — we’ve all been there. We just haven’t always had the technology to show off our lowest moments. Thankfully, we’re living in the current year and can not only gasp in awe at the worst moments in digital sports history, but celebrate them.

Take MrMaskTV’s heartbreaking non-goal as the ultimate example of failporn. This is 25 seconds of mind-blowing luck that sees the ball bounce along the goal line at least a half dozen times as players from both teams try in vain to nudge it, just an inch or two, into the goal. Someone could’ve sneezed and put it into the goal, but somehow, it ping-pongs off limbs as it evades the thirsty offensive players until it’s gently tapped away from danger.

Incredible. Truly incredible. Just when you think the world is working together to eliminate every possible thing worth seeing, this happens, and one of the greatest non-goals ever graces us with its presence.

(Via Kotaku)

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