Files That Make ‘Watch Dogs’ Look As Good As It Did In 2012 Are Still Hidden In The Game

Jesus Christ, Ubisoft. Back when Watch Dogs was unveiled in 2012 its visuals blew minds, but then time passed and the game we got in 2014 didn’t look like the game we were promised in 2012. It didn’t look bad mind you, but the final Watch Dogs product basically looks like a tuned up Xbox 360 or PS3 game.

Well, a skilled modder went digging around in the PC version of the game’s code, and he basically found files just sitting around unused that turned on a lot of the visual effects seen in those original Watch Dogs trailers. Those effects include better lighting, better weather effects and even better performance.

Here’s a few screens (in addition to the one above) of how good Watch Dogs can look with it’s real power unlocked…

So yeah, it’s starting to look more and more like Watch Dogs didn’t just fail to live up to promises, but that Ubisoft intentionally hobbled it for some reason. Did they want the last gen Xbox 360/PS3 versions to look more comparable to the current gen versions? Did they downgrade the visuals to make the online stuff run more smoothly? Between this and the “girls are hard to animate” stuff, has Ubisoft just completely lost the f*cking plot? Honestly, the last explanation makes the most sense.

Own the PC version of Watch Dogs? Grab the mod for yourself and make it look how it oughta look.

Via Kotaku