Filmmaker Uses ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ To Create A Terrifying Slasher Movie

So, if you don’t already hate clowns, you will hate them after seeing this short film, in which a clown terrorizes an oil refinery for, what else? Giggles. Or maybe because he’s a tortured clown. The movie’s kind of vague on that point.

Found by Reddit, Super Clown was done entirely with Director Mode on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Director Mode, in case it wasn’t obvious, gives you direct control over people, animals, the camera and the overall environment, allowing you to use them any particular way you feel like. Say, for example, creating a dead-eyed clown with superpowers who stabs people. That’s one way to use it!

Expect to see more like this as people stretch their muscles and work out exactly what the mode can do. I’ll be curious to see what happens as dialogue is added and people push what you can do further. But Super Clown is a good start.

(Source: Reddit, Rockstar Games)