Rejoice J-RPG Fans! Final Fantasy IX Will Soon Arrive On PC And Mobile

It’s a New Year’s announcement miracle! Hot on the heels of the announced Final Fantasy 7 episodic remake, Square-Enix is going back to its deep and rather wonderful well of classic RPGs to re-release on modern day devices. You know, like your phone (iOS and Android) as well as your personal computer. Next up in the remade and remastered classics from the Playstation 1 era is Final Fantasy IX. Finally, the adventures of Zidane, Vivi (the best black mage in the history of Final Fantasy) and Steiner can be held in the palm of your hand.

This re-release, unlike the full-on Final Fantasy 7 remake, should stay true to its original plot and gameplay systems. With that said, we know that the previous mobile versions of Final Fantasy released have allowed fast forwarding, the skipping of the contentious random encounter battle system, and even the ability to max out your characters so you can plow through everything and just enjoy the story whilst exploring pretty landscapes. All while waiting on your bus that smells strangely like a gyro with extra tomatoes.

But now that Final Fantasy X and X-2 have been remastered for the latest generation of consoles, they’ve seemingly made a few jumps into the future and realistically outside the abilities of current mobile hardware capabilities. Will this be the last Final Fantasy we see released for mobile? At least for the next few years?

(Via The Verge)