The First Full Trailer For The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Is Here, And The Game Looks Fantastic

At this year’s E3 Square-Enix finally responded to years of pleading, begging and angry demands from fans and announced they’re remaking their groundbreaking RPG Final Fantasy VII. The debut trailer was only the briefest of teases and since then information on how the remake will play has been hard to come by. Square-Enix has promised they won’t add new characters or change the story too radically, although they have said the combat system will be receiving a major revamp.

Well, today at Sony’s Playstation Experience press conference the Final Fantasy VII floodgates were opened. Square-Enix debuted a full, two-minute trailer for the remake, much of which appeared to be actual gameplay footage. Not only do we get a look at Cloud and all his friends in glorious HD, but we also get a peek at the new battle system, which appears to be mix of real-time and menu-based combat.

The Final Fantasy VII remake will hit the PS4 sometime in 2016. It will likely hit other platforms sometime later (although Square-Enix has yet to confirm that for sure).

All in all, I’d say the game’s looking about as good as we could have hoped for. How do you think the game is shaping up?