The First Day Of ‘Firewatch’ Delivers Creepy Caves, Skinny Dippers, And Plenty Of Snappy Dialogue

Firewatch is one of the more interesting games on the near horizon. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the title, you play as a forest ranger named Henry (voiced by Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer) assigned to fire lookout, who starts to notice concerning things happening around his park. As you investigate the strange goings-on, your only human connection is to Delilah, a supervisor you communicate with via walkie-talkie.

The game is divided up into “days,” and Sony just posted a full walkthrough of the first day (which takes around half an hour). The footage provides a good taste of Henry and Delilah’s profanity-laden patter, and gives you an idea of how the game works. I kind of like the game’s semi-realistic approach to traversing the wilderness, in which you’re forced to use a paper map and pay attention to your compass.

The game isn’t all about peacefully wandering through the woods though – we also see Henry bust some skinny dippers, crawl through a creepy cave, and encounter a mysterious shadowy figure for the first time. Ultimately, the first day of Firewatch ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.

If you want to see where the rest of Firewatch goes, the game arrives on PC and PS4 on February 9.

(via Destructoid)