‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

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Every week, it seems like there’s more games for more platforms than ever before. So we pick five games out of the crowd every Tuesday that are worth your time and attention. Starting, this week, with one of the more interesting adventure games to hit consoles.

Pick Of The Week: Life Is Strange: Before The Storm ($40, PS4, Xbox One)

Yes, we know, we’ve talked up this game a lot, but there’s a reason. This prequel to Life Is Strange makes some bold moves and has some pretty great ideas for the adventure game series, and if for some reason you’ve missed it, now you get a chance to pick it up in a boxed edition and follow Chloe as she tries to navigate some choppy waters before the original game’s events. It also includes a new episode, ‘Farewell,’ that offers a bittersweet sendoff for a key character.

Scribblenauts Showdown, Today ($40, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch)

The adorable franchise delivers a party game where you have to come up with the most creative response. And yes, it gets absurd, fast, which is the whole point.

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