‘Fortnite’ Is Finally Back From The Black Hole With A New Map For Chapter Two

After nearly two days trapped in a black hole, Fortnite returned on Tuesday with a new map. Gamers around the world had been transfixed by the absence of the battle royale game since Sunday, when Season 10 ended with a black hole sucking up the entire game and leaving behind a small white ring in its place.

On Tuesday morning, though, the game finally returned along with what was widely predicted: a new map and a new way to differentiate between the game’s current state: Fortnite Chapter 2.

The video starts with the now-familiar black hole, with a white ring on a black background swirling ever so slightly. But the ring gets brighter and, all at once, appears to spit out what looks like a galaxy.

Fortnite on Twitter

That galaxy turns out to be just a puddle on the ground of what’s a sprawling new map filled with mountains, gas stations and a whole slew of busses to drop players back into the chaos. The trailer brings back the cartoonish gunplay fans have come to expect from Fortnite while also showing off some of the map’s new features. Characters fish for guns near a nuclear power plant, stage attacks on boats and traverse hydroelectric dams to stalk opponents.

It’s not all water-based, of course, as the map also has a giant mountain and the typical townscapes used for hiding and sniping and whatnot. But things are definitely water-based at first glance, and the trailer shows boat races and jumps and a very large lake and island and what looks to be the center of the map.

Fortnite on Twitter

It’s all very exiting for Fortnite fans who, first and foremost, just wanted the game back. But there looks to be plenty to explore here, and fans are already sharing videos of all the game’s new features online.