This Bloody ‘Friday The 13th’ NSFW Trailer Is The Goriest Thing To Come Out Of PAX West

This year’s PAX West has been all about the Call of Duty: Infinity Wars reveals thus far, but there is one game that almost snuck by all of us. This gem is gory, nostalgia-filled and brimming with butt-rock. What is this gem? The Friday the 13th game that is due out in October. The game sort of seems like it plays like Evolve or Left4Dead in that it’s a monster against a team of players, but that monster is Jason Voorhees and he’s looking to brutalize these damned kids because they just look obnoxious and they are camp counselors.

This trailer is simply breathtaking. The task of even describing the perfection that is this trailer is next to impossible. It’s Jason throughout the different eras of Friday the 13th not just terrorizing these generic-looking camp counselors, he’s absolutely brutalizing them. The deaths featured in this trailer don’t ascend in brutality or gore, they simply maintain the same level while the butt-rock rages on.

Here are some personal favorites.

  • Jason chokeslams a girl, then crushes her head with his boot.
  • Jason tosses a girl head-first into a fire, then puts a boot on her back while she writhes.
  • Jason jabs a pitchfork through a preppy dude’s chest, lifts him up, stares longingly into his eyes.
  • Jason impales another counselor through the throat in an ode to Cannibal Holocaust, then pulls the spear out as he walks away.

That’s just a few of the absolutely horrifying offerings from this video. Yeah, there are more of them and I’m not going to spoil another moment of this trailer. Who cares how this game plays, look at how insane it is. All of it to a song called XIII by a band listed as Crazy Lix. This isn’t just a game trailer, this is high art of the worst kind.

(Via Polygon)