‘Gears Of War’ Creator Cliff Bleszinski Has Some Snarky Ideas For Nintendo’s Mobile Games

After years of resisting temptation, Nintendo has finally made the slightly depressing decision to start making smartphone games. I say depressing because, listen, I knew Nintendo would probably have to enter the mobile market eventually, but the way they’re doing it feels very much like a cynical cash-grab.

If Nintendo had announced a new platform that can play Android games, or shown us a unique game that will really shake up the mobile scene or, hell, just said we can now legally buy Super Mario Bros. on smartphones, my opinion would be much more positive, but that’s not what happened. Instead, they’re partnering with a mobile company called DeNA, and it feels very much like Nintendo is just handing their IP off to be slapped on Bejeweled clones and endless runners. I suppose we shall see what happens.

Well, Gears of Wars creator Cliff Bleszinski seems to share my cynicism. He recently dropped a list of “great” suggestions on Twitter for Nintendo’s upcoming smartphone games…

Got any of your own ideas about what Nintendo should do on smartphones? Just want to weep bitter tears with your fellow crusty Nintendo fans? The comments are open.

Via Twinfinite