Get Your Fill Of Fiery Destruction In 10 Minutes Of Amazing ‘Just Cause 3’ Gameplay Footage

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We’ve seen a handful of explosion-packed Just Cause 3 trailers, but what does the game actually look like when you’re playing? Well, pretty much just like it does in the trailers.

The world of Just Cause 3 is absolutely gorgeous (maybe the best-looking open world game to date). Everything in the world can basically be manipulated by your grappling hook, and a good percentage of what you grapple will explode in very dramatic fashion. Other cool features include the new wing suit, which you can use in tandem with your grappling hook to soar seamlessly over the landscape, and the ability to spawn any sort of vehicle whenever you want, wherever you want.

Yup, this game pretty much looks like the ultimate stress reliever. Mmmmm, fire.

(Via PS360HD on YouTube)