Franchises Collide As ‘Pokemon’ Gets The ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Treatment

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08.27.15 4 Comments

If there were two franchises that were polar opposites of each other in morality, it’s Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto V. After all, the residents of Los Santos may rob banks, blow up cars, and torture innocents, but they’d never be reduced to making animals fight for sport. Some lines just will not be crossed. Fortunately, YouTuber Merfish realized it’s much funnier to dress up GTA characters as Pokemon anyway, hence this hilarious reenactment of the intro.

You might remember Merfish from his equally noble attempt to recreate the Full House opening in Grand Theft Auto V, and this has similar results and similar questionable casting. Michael strikes me as more of a Snorlax than a Pikachu, and really, Trevor shouldn’t be in charge of the well-being of a cat, let alone allowed to put animals into tiny balls and fight them. Although come to think of it, Trevor is exactly the kind of guy who would do that in the first place. Maybe Merfish is onto something here.

The only thing we’re left wondering is what might happen if Nintendo ever teamed up with Rockstar to make a Pokemon game. We have to admit, it’s appealing. If nothing else, it’d have a killer soundtrack.

(via Merfish’s YouTube channel)

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