‘GTA Online’ Easter Egg Hunters May Have Discovered A Major Event Ahead Of Schedule

For all the stereotypes about hookers and bloodshed, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a bit of depth buried within its soul and some intriguing mysteries attached to its existence. GTA Online has done a bang-up job of stoking the curiosity of franchise obsessives and now it appears one band of explorers have accessed eerie and new.

The Chiliad Mystery Guru Team appear to have discovered something that will either thrill or annoy GTA V die-hards. The game’s Gunrunning Update added new goodies and apparently something more. Kotaku reports that Team Guru spent weeks working on activating files and codes that suggest a crashed UFO exists in the GTA Online universe. Through their efforts, Guru were able to access a mission where the player is tasked with getting supplies and slaughtering aliens after you take their space egg. Aliens freaking love their space eggs, so prepare for inconvenience if you ever wind up in this situation.

You can see for yourself what the team discovered via the magical YouTube rectangle we have up top and the community’s findings are laid out in far more technical detail on Reddit. Whether or not this is the end of the infamous “Chiliad Mystery” is still to be determined.

(Via Kotaku & PC Gamer)