If ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Was Real Life, This Is Exactly What It Would Look Like

The Googel Tesela Appel VeRzine VR headset is the most advanced gaming component ever created. It’s not just a simple headset that allows you to see behind the eyes of a first person shooter or walking simulator, the GTA VR actually puts you inside the game. In this case, if you haven’t noticed the acronym already (or the title of this article), that game is Grand Theft Auto V.

You know, Grand Theft Auto VR.

This short from Corridor Digital popped up on YouTube and has blown up like a car trying to escape a 4-star wanted level. Mostly because it’s: A. awesome. And B. starring the actual Trevor from GTA V, Better Call Saul and The Walking DeadSteven Ogg. It’s absolutely wonderful to see Ogg back as his maniacal alter ego as we hope (and pray) for more GTA content starring Trevor. And if we don’t ever get that new content, we’ll always have this short that embodies all of the best Trevor traits such as insane driving, being shirtless or wearing a shirt that is dirty and causing mass destruction.

After a quick glance at Moore’s Law, we should have these types of VR glasses in the RL in about 10 years. Can’t wait.