A Streamer Makes History After Getting A 100 Percent On ‘Guitar Hero’s’ Toughest Song While Blindfolded

For the most part, Guitar Hero and its spinoffs have been dead and buried for years. It was a fun little distraction while it lasted, but the plastic instruments flew way too close to the sun and melted from our consciousness as quickly as they entered. Now, ten years since the release of Guitar Hero III, fake music playing deserves your attention for just a few more minutes.

Streamer RandyLadyMan has been known to produce some impressive feats of Guitar Hero strength, including playing the game with invisible notes and completing songs on their hardest difficulty blindfolded. It’s something to be proud of, but it’s not the most astonishing thing that someone can do in the game. RLM knows this so he set out to complete the only blindfolded, perfect run of the mythical, blister-inducing Dragonforce song “Through the Fire and Flames.” This week, he made history.

He’s come close to a perfect run before, hitting 98.9 percent a few months ago, but this week he finally pulled his hat over his face and perfected the game’s most challenging song without seeing a note. Even for the uninitiated, the rapid-fire clicks and clacks of his intense attempt at history are something to behold. It says something when you’re screaming and out of breath after something like this.