‘H1Z1’ Leaves Early Access And Introduces New Mode ‘Auto Royale’ To Take On ‘PUBG’ And ‘Fortnite’

Entertainment Editor

The battle royale genre has proved to be so popular, games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds collectively have millions of concurrent users daily. Their rise has been so meteoric, and allowed Twitch streamers like Dr. Disrespect to reach such historic heights, that it’s easy to forget a good chunk of this craze began with H1Z1. Hell, they hired PlayerUnknown himself to develop their King of the Hill mode.

Now Daybreak, the team behind H1Z1, which started as competition to DayZ, is evolving yet again. From survival game, to battle royale forefather, to a new brand of battle royale: Auto Royale. It’s a new mode that’s launching alongside the move to 1.o as the game leaves early access.

H1Z1 General Manager Anthony Castoro had this to say about the game finally leaving early access and this new shift in the genre they’re introducing:

“In 2016, we did something unheard of — we split a successful game into two products and introduced the world to the first standalone battle royale game. The next year, we created the first battle royale esports league and became the second esport to ever air on broadcast television. This year, we continue to push this young genre forward with the introduction of Auto Royale. Auto Royale doesn’t rinse and repeat what is currently available on the market, it turns the genre on its head with a fresh approach — arcadey, vehicle-only battle royale unlike anything anyone has experienced before.”

Basically, it’s battle royale, but with cars. Simple enough. You’ll have 30 teams of four battling it out until there’s only one car standing. It almost feels like the modern Twisted Metal we’ve been hoping for all these years.

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